Who I Am

img008aHello and welcome to my site – Horse-Stuf – I am Robert Walker and here are some details that will let you know a bit more about who I am and what makes me tick.

It was my Dad that had the connection to horses in the in the family albeit years before I was born, in his teenage years and early twenties .He fought in the 2nd world war so a long time ago.
I don’t know what made me want to start riding but Mum and Dad took me to see Maureen Knight at her riding school in Fleckney, which was part of her husband’s dairy farm. I was about 8 years old at the time, so a week later I was sitting on a dark bay pony called Tommy, walking up the road for half an hour. Eventually I used to spend all day Saturday at the farm riding once and just helping out during the day and the treat of the day was to ride the ponies out to the top field bare back sometimes with just a head collar.

I rode at Knights for about 4 years when football took over I’m sad to say. Horses didn’t come back into my life for quite a few years and when they did it was just riding friend’s horses. Then one day a friend said he knew somebody who was struggling to exercise the horses in her yard so one Easter Tuesday I took my self off to Lubenham Lodge for a trial ride for Jane Steward on a cheeky horse called Salty. I wasn’t sure how well I had done but I was riding there the next day and most days for 2 and a half years until my circumstances at work changed and I had to give it up.

After that my riding took me to a yard with carriage horses (Gelderlanders) for Bill Gynns riding weekends and odd days also a bit of hunting with the Fernie, by Christ those horses could bloody jump! .I also did a bit of riding for Angela Brooks in a village called Tugby , then the riding came to an abrupt holt after I was involved in a serious road accident shattering my right fema.When I was totally discharged from the hospital my specialist Doctor Scott said not to ride again , and just for a joke I said is skiing ok!

It wasn’t long after I that I went to see Travis down in Oxfordshire,16’3 bright bay gelding , he look nervous at the back of the stable and I know you shouldn’t but in my mind I had bought him there and then . He was a tough nut to crack rearing up every day for months until he finally settled and became a joy to be on , a bit quirky in competition some days but boy he could jump and it wasn’t until I took him hunting that he really started to enjoy life.

Although I love Hunting it was competing that I wanted to do, so I travelled across to Warwickshire to look at Ballins Touch, a 17’1 bay ISH. I loaned Travis out to a friend of mine Becky Vernon, who hunted him and Becky’s mum Jackie used to hack him out. I found it strange when I got to know Bally’s parentage that he had just show jumped. His father was Ballinvella who was predominately used to breed eventing stock, so it wasn’t long before I took him to Ketton xc for a trot round, and he really started to enjoy himself. We did a few events, show jumping and riding club competitions over a period of time, would have like to have done more but time and money being a factor it was not to be.

Sadly last year was not a very good year as Travis who now was in his late 20’s died in the field, then after trying for nearly a year on Ballins Touch to get a foot injury to come right, in November I had to make the hard decision to have him put him down.

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