Two Years On


   It is just a few days over two years ago since I asked for a verdict on Bally's injury from vet Stuart of Fellows Farm Equine,  the explaination I got wasn't the one I was hoping to get regarding the foot injury Bally had picked up in the field almost three years previous.  Bally had been progressing quite nicely and his lameness was slowly disappearing but the healing process wasn't going in the right direction,  infact it had started to go the opposite way.  The question I had asked Stuart was,  would Bally ever be able to come back into work of any kind, and if not would there be any chance he would lead a pain free life in the field,  or would he have to live on pain management for the rest of his days.

   The day came that I never thought about before,  well you dont,  you never think its your horse thats going to have a problem,  so that morning I gave him some meds to stop the pain so he could have one last day in the field that he loved charging around in.  The vet came that afternoon and I was allowed to hold on to the rope connected to the head collar until the last few seconds until he dropped to the ground for the last time.  Thankyou to Stuart the vet who was brilliant with Bally and me in such difficult circumstances.  Even a man in his early 50's like me gets a little upset from time to time and I only wish I could have done more with him and given him a better,  longer life.




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