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The advertising part of this site is totally separate from this the main one so you can just log into your account at any time to check if your item has been accepted/viewed/sold.

All you have to do is to click on the menu where it says Advert and it will open in a new window for you.

Or Click Here


How to register an account

You will see a bar at the top of the page asking you to accept the cookies this
is perfectly safe, it is to enhance your viewing and to help you to get back to
the site for next time, just click accept.

At the top on the right hand side (or at the bottom/footer) is a message saying
register for a free account.

Click on this and fill in your details, once submitted it will be reviewed and
and then activated within 24 hours (usually sooner) check your email for your
activation link and click on it.

Your account is now active and you can list your items for sale, please add as
much information as possible so that people do not have to keep asking you any
questions, make sure you include postage if you can send it or let them know it
is for collection only.

A good photo really helps things to sell so get the camera out or your phone and
get clicking at those unwanted items.

If you have any difficulty adding your item then please contact me through the site
and I will be happy to help.

All listings will be free until October 2017

Happy Selling.

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