This Horse-Stuf site has been created for all you horsey people out there who have lots of bits and pieces laying around that you know you will never use, but you hang on to it just in case. So why not have a look around, have a sort out, then come and put it on here. This site is going to be free to advertise until
October 2017 so get in quick and sell those unwanted items/gifts that are horse related.
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mainlogo-largeThe one thing about Horse-Stuf that we wont sell is livestock as there are many specialty sites set up just for those.
This site will be for things like bridles/bits/saddles/boots/head collars etc … when advertising your item I do hope you will be as honest as possible as I will not be held responsible for feuds between advertiser’s and seller’s so please use the contact page with care.

In order to place an advert all you have to do is click on the ADVERT button in the menu and it will take you to another page which will open in a new window, once there all you have to do is to join and fill in your profile (you only do this once) then place your advert letting viewers know how much you want for the item and how much the postage will be or if it is for collection only.

This is a great way to utilize all those things that you thought you needed and never did, so claim some space back and earn yourself some money at the same time, our hobby is an expensive one so lets make
the pennies go further and to good use for those items that we do need.

We would love it if you would share this site with your friends and family. Horse-Stuf is about recycling the old to make way for the new and helping to keep a lot out of the landfill.

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